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Fotolia_108588274_XL-KPRThere are numerous valid reasons for further developing organizations. We believe that a successful implementation of Lean methods goes hand-in-hand with developing people and organizations. It is therefore essential that we establish an appropriate, clear direction that takes into consideration our client’s current stage of development. To foster success, we work closely with our clients to develop joint objectives and help them with the implementation. An important aspect of our services is that we aim to develop the organization so that the company can autonomously “carry the torch” forward.

Basic principles of our work:

  • reflektionFrom the start, affected employees, works council members, and managers are actively involved
  • We support managers throughout the organizational change process, with an emphasis on leadership behaviors
  • Pragmatic guidance of the change process
  • We do not use a standard blueprint but instead emphasize a tailor-made development process that fosters positive sustainable change
  • We treat resources with care to avoid unnecessary costs


Our Consultancy and Implementation Offer

Effective and sustainable implementation of company strategy – Hoshin Kanri

  • Developing concrete and achievable objectives for all levels to be able to implement the overall company strategy
  • Introducing simple key performance metrics to ensure transparency
  • Respecting available resources
  • Implementing control instruments for management

Developing the culture

Even the best ideas and strategies will not work if the company culture does not support them. For example, if workers treat errors as examples of personal failure and waste valuable resources in search for the guilty party, then initiatives to promote innovation are likely to fail. This example highlights the importance of company culture – the sum of all employee and management behaviors. We work with our clients in all change process, including changing behaviors to encourage a more positive company culture.

Example of how we can help:

  • Area and team development
  • Management training
  • Assistance with strategically important projects
  • Developing areas of responsibility
  • Value stream oriented organization
  • Shopfloor Management in production and support areas
  • Hoshin Kanri / Policy Deployment
  • Key performance metrics to improve transparency
  • Introducing fast-response work groups
  • Critical chain project management
  • Coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams
  • Advice and sparring for senior managers and project managers

We deliver the structures to enable you to achieve your individual development objectives and work with competent managers from your organization to support the implementation. If you are interested in our support with your organizational development, contact us here


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